Granulocytosis: Causes | Diagnosis | Treatments

Granulocytosis What Is Granulocytosis? Granulocytosis occurs when there are too many granulocytes in the blood. It’s a condition that’s closely related to chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and other bone marrow disorders. Granulocytes are white blood cells that have small granules or particles. These granules contain numerous proteins that are responsible for helping the immune system fight off …

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Bacillary Angiomatosis

Bacillary Angiomatosis: Symptoms | Causes | Treatment

Bacillary Angiomatosis What is bacillary angiomatosis? Bacillary angiomatosis is a vascular proliferative of blood vessels, resulting in forming tumor-like masses in the skin and other organs. It is a form of Bartonella infection that occurs primarily in immunocompromised persons. It is a bacterial infection that causes lesions on your skin, liver, spleen, mucosal surfaces, and …

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Hydrosalpinx: Fertility, Treatment, and More

Hydrosalpinx (Fallopian Tube Blockage): What to Expect What is hydrosalpinx? Hydrosalpinx refers to a fallopian tube that’s blocked with a watery fluid. To break down the term, “hydro” means water and “salpinx” means a fallopian tube. This condition is typically caused by a previous pelvic or sexually transmitted infection, a condition like endometriosis, or previous surgery. Although some women …

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