Intro to Parker Tube Fittings

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Parker Hannifin Company is the World’s Leading Tube Fitting Authority. Given that 1924, Parker has served the industry with reliable fluid power technology. Tube Fittings were amongst the first items produced by the business, and Parker has deep origins and competence in the style of Tube Fittings. The firm makes Tube Fittings to a really high standard to adapt all significant specification demands. Parker Tube Fittings are recognized for their excellent quality, reliability, uniformity, exceptional wear, and issue totally free upkeep. They are manufactured to satisfy or exceed industrial specification needs of SAE, ISO, RACKET, DOT and also JIS standards – so the client is guaranteed of excellence.

Parker Fittings supply leak cost-free solutions in every style – including hydraulic, pneumatically-driven and instrumentation. They are usually created to attach a tube setting up to a port or adapter, and also are available in a variety of designs consisting of High pureness and also procedure fittings, Flare fittings, Compression, attack type, and O-ring fittings, straight thread, pipe, flange as well as barb fittings, Swivel, Universal and interlocking clamp installations, Push-o-Lok – press to attach and also airline fitting, Hydraulic tube as well as reusable fittings.

Numerous configurations are readily available – most especially straight Tube Fittings, 45/90 degree joint installations, as well as Tee fittings. Tube Fittings require to be readily available in a range of materials to fit different requirements. Parker Fittings are readily available in Brass, Carbon Steel (with Chromium6-Free Plating), Stainless-steel, Aluminum, as well as Thermoplastics.

Advancements from Parker in the field of Tube Fittings consist of Seal-Lok Lite – which is a small high-flow Fitting for high circulation at low to medium stress applications such as fluid transportation in fuel cell systems, and also semiconductor production. This causes shorter string lengths and also larger flow diameter than instrumentation quality as well as standard commercial hydraulic installations, with easy assembly and also leak totally free efficiency. Triple-Lok 2 is a soft-seal, stainless-steel fitting which integrates a changeable soft seal in the nose of the flare, which is positioned to accomplish leak-free connections without jeopardizing suitable stamina. It can stand up to up to 20% greater functioning stress than stainless-steel 37 level flared installations, as well as includes Parker’s copyrighted Durable Port Stud for easier assembly and enhanced reliability. The Durable Port Stud allows for error evidence installation in the field, as well as gets rid of the potential for backup washing machine damages that can result in leakages. It can be utilized with conventional flared tubes and also tube ends, and used standard O-rings in a lot of sizes for convenience and also financial savings.

The Triple-Lok Swivel Link improves efficiency deliberately. It includes a dual-angle seat that accepts both 37 and 45 degree flare fittings, as well as rearranges the sealing area far from the idea of the male nose, bring about enhanced pressure rankings in the majority of dimensions – a substantial 72% higher than a competitive item, and a securing placement that shields the cone and also the nose, and also boosts link dependability, twin seat acceptance of all sizes of flare installations, all with no difference in total swivel nut or suitable body size, as well as no adjustment in torque or setting up approach.

Another development for Parker in Tube Fittings is the Trap-Seal, with its regularly favorable retention in the groove which essentially removes the possibility of pop-out that can accompany typical round-shaped O-rings. This cutting-edge O-ring enhancement does not get pinched as well as stop working prematurely and essentially gets rid of expensive leak and/or pre-assembly handling time. It also considerably lowers the demand to replace or reinstall the seal. Parker keeps abreast of worldwide modifications and also requirements. Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) has been restricted, and Parker has created a new Chromium-6 Free layering procedure, which has led to a brand-new generation of characteristics in their steel Tube Fittings – these include environmental safety and security, enhanced deterioration protection, packaging clearly identified ‘Chromium-6 Free’, as well as best of all, no modifications in setting up method or torque.

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