Echoic Memory

Echoic Memory vs. Iconic Memory

What Is Echoic Memory, and How Does It Work? Echoic memory definition Echoic memory, or auditory sensory memory, is a type of memory that stores audio information (sound). It’s a subcategory of human memory, which can be divided into three major categories: Long-term memory retains events, facts, and skills. It can last for hours to decades. Short-term memory stores …

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Eyebright: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Do Eyebright Drops and Supplements Benefit Health? Eyebright is an herb with small white flowers that feature purple streaks and a splash of yellow near the center. It has been used in traditional herbal medicine in Europe for centuries, particularly for minor eye ailments like redness and irritation. The herb’s Greek name, Euphrasia, means gladness, referring to …

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Kyphoscoliosis: Symptoms | Causes | Treatment

Understanding Kyphoscoliosis What is kyphoscoliosis? Kyphoscoliosis is an abnormal curve of the spine on two planes: the coronal plane, or side to side, and the saggital plane, or back to front. It’s a combined spinal abnormality of two other conditions: kyphosis and scoliosis. Scoliosis causes the spine to curve abnormally on the coronal plane, meaning it twists sideways. …

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