PRP Facials Vs. PRF Facials: What Is Better?

by Charlee
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The popularity of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) facial is consistently increasing.

Even though both treatments achieve similar results, some significant differences are worth noting.

So, let’s discuss how these treatments are different from one another and which one is more suitable for patients.

Differences between PRP and PRF

 Blood Samples

In both treatments, blood samples are taken from the patient to create the serum for treatment. Samples are run through a centrifuge, separating different parts of the blood.

However, the blood sample required to develop a PRP serum is larger in quantity than that of a PRF serum.

Similarly, the centrifuge runs at different speeds to create both serums. For a PRP facial, a centrifuge spins faster and heavier white blood cells separate from stem cells. On the contrary, the blood parts are not entirely isolated to create a serum for PRF facial.

Practitioners must complete this process quickly. Similarly, they must ensure that the samples are not contaminated.

This is why reputed medical spas only use PRP and PRF kits supplied by authorized dealers like Plasmolifting World.

After all, if the PRP Röhrchen is contaminated, the sample will not be as it needs to be, and the treatment will not give desired results.

Separation Process

Researchers have recently found that serum containing some white blood cells and stem cells is more effective than the one that doesn’t.

As a result, most medical spas are not promoting PRF over PRP. Besides, the centrifuge’s lower spinning speed causes less blood cell trauma.

As a result, the serum is in better shape and will include white blood cells and stem cells.

Contents of each serum

A centrifuge separates the blood into different parts to create the serum needed for both treatments.

However, the centrifuge spins faster to create a PRP serum, and the blood will completely split into two layers.

The bottom layer will contain white blood cells and stem cells. The top layer will include protein and growth factors, which will be drawn and injected into the patient.

On the other hand, the centrifuge spins at a lower speed to make PRF serum and the blood is not separated in the process.

Less trauma caused to the blood sample allows some white and stem cells to remain in the created PRF serum.

Platelet count of both the serums

PRP serum has a higher concentration of platelets than in the human body. The PRP serum has 2 to 5 times more platelets.

However, PRF serum has ten times more platelet. This serum with a higher platelet concentration is more effective for skin treatment.

To conclude, PRF facials are better than PRP facials for revitalizing skin. Besides, a small blood sample is collected from patients, making the procedure more comfortable for them.

Nevertheless, the success of any treatment will always depend on factors like the type of medical spa you select for treatment and the tools and methods they employ. Therefore, you should consult the ones that are the best in the industry.

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