Cream of Wheat is a known brand of breakfast porridge made from Marina.


Farina is the title given to a fine consistency form of hot cereal derived from wheat.


With its smooth, thick texture and creamy taste, Cream of Wheat often cooked with milk or water, and we can give the finest décor layer with a variety of sweet or luscious ingredients.

Health Benefits of Cream of Wheat

Cream of Wheat is enriched with calcium carbonate and ferric phosphate, which contain the nutritional content and make it a source of both calcium and iron.

It is also known as farina and is made from the coarsely ground whole-wheat kernel, removing the bran, leaving the inner core, and some of the wheat germ. 

Served with non-fat milk, Cream of Wheat is a healthy breakfast for all age groups.

Non-crushed wheat does not contain a large amount of calcium. Cream of Wheat is enriched with calcium carbonate.

One serving, cooked with three tablespoons of dry Cream of Wheat, provides 235 milligrams of calcium.

Cream of Wheat is enriched with ferric phosphate, which is a source of iron that improves the nutritional content, supplying 11 milligrams of iron in one serving.

Iron is one of the most essential minerals in red blood cells, carrying oxygen to all the cells in your body.

Cream of Wheat is a good source of natural, whole-wheat (non-crushed) carbohydrate.

It is made from the endosperm, the center of the kernel, which would fuel the growing grain if it were planted. 

Which is healthy cream of wheat or cream of rice?

Because it’s produced from wheat, Cream of Wheat contains gluten.

Choose the whole grain (not crushed) variety for more fiber and minerals. 

Cream of Rice is made from ground rice flour cooked in boiling water.

It’s naturally gluten-free and, unlike other grains, contains all the amino acids that we need for good health.

What is the cream of rice

It is made of uncooked, ground rice, and it is most commonly used as a hot cereal meal.

This cream of rice meal is packed with carbs, which is why it is frequently referred to as a bodybuilding snack.

In general, it depends upon your activity and body goals, whether the cream of rice is a good option for your diet or not.

Homemade cream of rice is much healthier than the packaged one available in stores.

Eating on an upset stomach may not sound appealing, but keep in mind that having these kinds of foods can soothe your stomach and help you feel better sooner.

Cream of Rice can also be made with milk or water, and if you are in a rush, you can just mix it in your shaker with cold liquid and drink.

How do you make cream of rice?

  • In a medium saucepan, combine ¼ cup cream of rice with 1 cup of milk OR water. Bring to a low boil.
  • Add a dash of salt in it.
  • Stir in the rice and salt.
  • Cover and reduce to lowest heat. Cook for 20 minutes or until the liquid has been absorbed and the rice is tender.
  • Serve with toppings.

Overall, the cream of rice is a healthy and nutritious energy source for the human body.

It makes a perfect meal for bodybuilders and people with gluten allergies, among others who simply enjoy its taste and texture.

Cream of wheat nutrition vs. oatmeal

Both oatmeal and cream of wheat are a kind of grain usually eaten as porridge, i.e., a chopped or crushed cereal cooked with milk or water. But there are nutritional differences between these two grains.


Oatmeal refers to crushed/cut oats or oatmeal porridge (oatmeal cooked in milk or water).

Serving of oatmeal (about one cup) has 166 calories, 4 – 5 grams of fiber, 5 – 6 grams of protein, and over ten percent of the daily value for the essential nutrients iron, selenium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, and thiamin.


Cream of Wheat is a brand of breakfast food known as farina, a sort of porridge mix. It is a cereal made from semolina flour.

Per one-cup serving, it has 126 calories, 1 – 2 grams of fiber, 3 – 4 grams of protein, and around ten percent of the daily value for essential nutrients.

Comparison view:

Oatmeal Cream of Wheat
Made from oats. Made from semolina flour.
More calories. Less calories.
More fibre. Less fibre.
More protein. Less protein.
More essential nutrients. Less essential nutrients.

Cream of wheat contain these important nutrients:

Cream of wheat is healthy for our bodies. One cup (241 grams) of cooked Cream of Wheat provides approximately

  • Calories: 133
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Fat: 0.5 grams
  • Carbs: 28 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Iron: 58% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Niacin: 39% of the DV
  • Vitamin B6: 38% of the DV
  • Thiamine: 37% of the DV
  • Riboflavin: 33% of the DV
  • Folate: 33% of the DV
  • Selenium: 13% of the DV
  • Calcium: 11% of the DV
  • Copper: 11% of the DV

Cream of Wheat is particularly rich in iron, along with B vitamins like niacin, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, and folate

B vitamins are involved in many aspects of health, including energy production, brain function, and DNA synthesis.

Cream of Wheat also contains selenium, a powerful micronutrient that doubles as an antioxidant to decrease inflammation and protect against disease.

Cream of Wheat is a great vegetarian-friendly source of iron. It’s also easy to prepare and can be enjoyed in many ways.

But it has some adverse effects too for certain age groups that are already affected with below diseases.

Cream of Wheat can be relatively high in sodium and contains gluten, which can cause side effects for those with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten.

Is Cream of Wheat Healthy for weight loss?

Cream of Wheat doesn’t support weight loss, but it can improve your food dietary regime.

Eat this despite, breakfast cereals, which contain sugar and additives.

It could be better if you will cook this with farina and add your luscious flavors or switch to whole wheat grains like oats.

Cream of wheat packet nutrition

There are various types of cream of wheat available in the market; some of those are listed below with their nutritional value, which are easily available in the market:


Cream of Wheat

Instant cream of wheat, one packet

Calories: 100 •Carbs: 20g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g


Berry cream of wheat

Cream of wheat, one container

Calories: 260 •Carbs: 52g •Fat: 4g •Protein: 4g


Dry cream of wheat

Cream of Wheat, 33 g

Calories: 120 •Carbs: 25g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g


Cream of wheat chocolate

Cream of Wheat, 35 grams

Calories: 130 •Carbs: 28g •Fat: 1g •Protein: 2g


Original cream of wheat

cream of wheat, 30 grams

Calories: 110 •Carbs: 23g •Fat: 1g •Protein: 3g


Cream of rice

Cream of Wheat, 0.25 cup

Calories: 160 •Carbs: 36g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g


Cream of Wheat bananas and cream(instant)

Cream of Wheat, one packet

Calories: 130 •Carbs: 28g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 2g


Cream of wheat (Farina)

Cream of Wheat, 3 TBSP (33g)

Calories: 110 •Carbs: 24g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 4g


Cream of wheat

Eurest, one spoon (6 oz)

Calories: 105 •Carbs: 22g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g


Cream of wheat

Quaker, one packet

Calories: 100 •Carbs: 20g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g


Cream of wheat

Morrison, one spoon (6 oz)

Calories: 105 •Carbs: 22g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g


Cream of wheat

Cinnabon, one packet

Calories: 130 •Carbs: 29g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 2g



Cream of wheat, 1 cups

Calories: 100 •Carbs: 20g •Fat: 1g •Protein: 3g


Cream of wheat Dry, Uncooked, Regular

Cream of Wheat, 3 Tablespoons DRY

Calories: 110 •Carbs: 24g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 4g


Cream of wheat cereal

Cream of wheat original instant, one packet

Calories: 100 •Carbs: 20g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g



Cream of Wheat, 15 g

Calories: 60 •Carbs: 12g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 1g


Cream of wheat

Denise, 33 g (3tbsp)

Calories: 110 •Carbs: 24g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 4g


Cream of wheat made with water

Cream of Wheat, one packet

Calories: 100 •Carbs: 20g •Fat: 0g •Protein: 3g

Cream of wheat calorie quaker

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 serving

Calories in Quaker Cream of Wheat




  Total Fat

  0.0 g


  Saturated Fat

  0.0 g


  Polyunsaturated Fat

  0.0 g


  Monounsaturated Fat

  0.0 g



  0.0 mg



  85.0 mg



  0.0 mg


  Total Carbohydrate

  23.0 g


  Dietary Fiber

  1.0 g



  0.0 g



  4.0 g



  Vitamin A

  0.0 %


  Vitamin B-12

  0.0 %


  Vitamin B-6

  0.0 %


  Vitamin C

  0.0 %


  Vitamin D

  0.0 %

  Vitamin E

  0.0 %



  20.0 %



  0.0 %



  10.0 %



  50.0 %



  0.0 %



  0.0 %



  6.0 %


  Pantothenic Acid

  0.0 %



  0.0 %



  4.0 %



  0.0 %



  10.0 %



  0.0 %


Cream of wheat recipe


  • 2 cups water (or whole milk)
  • 1 (3-inch) cinnamon stick
  • 1/3 cup Cream of Wheat
  • Sugar (to taste)
  • Milk (to taste)

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.
  2. Add the water and the cinnamon stick to a saucepan. Cover the pot and wait until the water gets to boil. 
  3. Add the Cream of Wheat when the water boils, using a whisk to stir it well, so there are no lumps. 
  4. Reduce the heat to low and simmer uncovered for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes until the Cream of Wheat has thickened.
  5. Remove from the heat and discard the cinnamon stick.
  6. Sweeten with sugar and milk, stirring until everything is fully incorporated.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Things to remember while cooking this:

  • If you’re using milk rather than water in this recipe, don’t boil it. Just bring the milk to a container.
  • You’re not bounded to a cinnamon stick for additive. Some recipes call for a little nutmeg or a spoonful of canned pumpkin. The possibilities are endless – this is a porridge that goes well with almost anything. 
  • Also, if you’re looking to add some fruit to this meal, you can add chopped fruit, such as bananas, berries, or mangoes. Just customize according to your liking.

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